CFF Wrap-Up Day - June 11, 2008

CFF Classroom Photos, 2007-2008 School Year

CFF 2007-2008 Thoughts and Images

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CFF Mini Conference - February 21, 2008

Ms. Jury (Windber Area) integrated technology through an online  Architecture Project - results were presented using Photo Story 3

Mr. McClain (Windber Area) shares examples of integration and how it is transforming his teaching. 

Mr. Yonko (Westmont Hilltop) shares his classroom website.

Mr. Wood (Westmont Hilltop) shares some tips on using the Promethean Board in class.

Mr. Podrebarac (Windber Area) shows how his classroom site is helpful to students.

Mr. Single (Windber Area) discusses how knowledge of technology can be helpful.